IMER Bergen


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IMER Bergen

IMER Bergen started as a unit at the University of Bergen in 1996, and has since then been an important contributor to knowledge about migration and ethnic relations, both in Norway and internationally. IMER is made up of researchers and scholars from different departments at the University in Bergen and other research institutions in Bergen.   Scholars working on IMER related topics at the Bergen-based institutions are invited to participate and contribute to the network


IMER Bergen has its own network for PhD’s and other junior researchers. In IMER junior scholars network, junior scholars working on IMER related projects can find a platform of support in the research process and in navigating the world of academia. As an interdisciplinary group, but with a common thematic interest, the IMER junior scholar network creates meeting points and spaces in which junior scholars can share knowledge and experiences accumulated across a variety of IMER related disciplines and backgrounds. You can find their blog here.

IMER Bergen monthly seminars are organized in collaboration with Bergen Global. Bergen Global is a joint project between the University of Bergen and Chr. Michelsen Institute, creating a platform for researchers, students and those interested in international development and global challenges.  

Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid
Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid

IMER Junior Scholar Network national seminar for junior scholars of migration and ethnic relations held between 2-3 December 2021 in Bergen.