IMER Bergen

IMER Bergen

IMER Bergen (International Migration and Ethnic Relations), is an interdisciplinary research network associated with the University of Bergen, Chr Michelsen Institute (CMI), NORCE Research AS, and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen (HVL).

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IMER Bergen started as a unit at the University of Bergen in 1996, and has since then been an important contributor to knowledge about migration and ethnic relations, both in Norway and internationally. IMER is made up of researchers and scholars from different departments at the University in Bergen and other research institutions in Bergen.  

Scholars working on IMER related topics at the Bergen-based institutions are invited to participate and contribute to the network. 

How to get involved in IMER Bergen activities

Do you want to keep up to date on news from IMER Bergen?  IMER Bergen publishes newsletters 3-4 times annually, announcing upcoming events, relevant research calls for papers and proposals etc. Please sign up for our newsletters here.  

Are you involved in activities that you think can be of interest to other researchers within migration and ethnic relations? If you have news that you wish to have announced in an upcoming newsletter, please email us.   

Do you have interesting research that you would like to share and discuss with other researchers interested in migration and ethnic relations? IMER Bergen arranges monthly seminars and workshops on relevant topics. If you wish to present at one of our gatherings, please email us. 

Have you started a PhD or a post-doc on IMER related topics and want to connect with others in the same situation? IMER has a Junior Scholar Network that offers a wide range of activities, giving the opportunity to form bonds both socially and academically. If you become part of the junior network, you automatically become part of IMER Bergen. To sign up for membership in IMER Junior Scholar Network, please follow this link.  

Do you wish to be considered as an affiliated researcher of IMER Bergen? To become an affiliated researcher the requirements are that you:

(1) Are based at one of the relevant research institutions in Bergen.

(2) Are involved in research on migration and/or ethnic relations which aligns with the themes in IMER Bergen research platform

(3) Are interested in taking an active part in IMER activities.

As an affiliated researcher, you will be invited to both academic and social events arranged by IMER Bergen, and a description of you and your research interests will be published at our website.  

If you wish to be considered as an affiliated researcher of IMER Bergen, please send us a description of your research interests, current projects, and affiliation, here.