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IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) is an interdisciplinary research network associated with the University of Bergen, Chr Michelsen Institute and NORCE Research AS.

IMER and IMER Jr. joint Methodology Workshop.
IMER Jr. Workshop

Positionality, Power and Privilege in Research. 19th May 2022

The workshop aims to critically explore positionality as a concept by looking at how it shapes the kinds of questions, we as researchers ask and how we relate to our participants. Specifically, the workshop aims to provide a space for reflection on what privileges and power relations are at play...

IMER online Seminar

Migration at Sea and the Role of Non-State Actors: zooming in on the Central Mediterranean Route. 29th April, 2022

Non-state actors have become the gatekeepers of the State in the context of migration - especially for deportation and detention. Exploring the intersection between NSAs accountability under international human rights law and forced migration is hence crucial in defining a progressive way of...

IMER Online Seminar
clinic for uninsured migrants in US

Undocumented migrants’ access to health care in Norway – current challenges, future perspectives. 5th April, 2022

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights have again in their latest report on Norway, criticized the disconnect between Norway’s human rights obligations and the restricted access to health care services for undocumented migrants, including European Union citizens lacking a European...

IMER Seminar

Demystifying Multilingualism and Intercultural Competence in Norwegian Secondary Schools. 16th February 2022

At the backdrop of globalisation, international mobility and continuously diverse and multicultural societies, the Norwegian curriculum for the second foreign language (L3) recognises multilingualism and intercultural competence as core elements of language learning. Multilingualism and...

IMER Seminar
Regine Paul

A Critical Appraisal of Contemporary Migration Governance. 25th January, 2022.

Are you interested in how migration governance and politics of migration are constituted and contested from global standpoints? Do you see the need for a critical appraisal of migration governance from interdisciplinary perspectives? If yes, you don’t want to miss our IMER seminar on January 25th.