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IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) is an interdisciplinary research network associated with the University of Bergen, Chr Michelsen Institute and NORCE Research AS.

Call for Papers: NMR Conference 2024

The politics of mobility and precarity – and the alternatives

IMER Bergen is honoured to invite you to the 22nd Nordic Migration Research Conference at the University of Bergen 14-16 August 2024. The conference is organized in cooperation with Nordic Migration Research and will be hosted by the University of Bergen.


From revolution to exile: Understanding the activist trajectories of Syrians across time and space

What happens to political dissidents after they go into exile? Do they continue to engage with their homeland causes or do they disengage altogether seeking a new life in their new whereabouts?

IMER Lunch Seminar, 14 March 2023
cartographical map

Navigating displacement: cartographic strategies for ecologically and politically exposed territories.

What do we see behind a map? How do modern mapping strategies approach displacement and how can this be visualized and communicated? How is architecture and urbanism connected with shifting environments of global movements?

Amany Selim

PhD candidate Amany Selim to defend her thesis

On 15th December 2023, Amany Selim, former IMER coordinator will defend her PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the thesis "Activism Across Time and Place: A Study of Syrian Activists' Trajectories in Berlin and Oslo".

Dixie Janice Brea Larios

PhD Candidate Dixie Janice Brea Larios to defend her Thesis

On 17th November 2023, Dixie Janice Brea Larios a member of the IMER Jr network will defend her PhD degree at the University of Bergen with the thesis "Coping strategies for mental health problems among refugee groups in Norway".