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IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) is an interdisciplinary research network associated with the University of Bergen, Chr Michelsen Institute and NORCE Research AS.

Manuel Insberg

‘I promise you my country will help you’ ‬- Promissory acts within the Norwegian refugee regime‬‬

Promises play an integral part in refugee regimes of Western liberal democracies. They appear in political speeches, bureaucratic procedures, legal texts on asylum, or integration programs. In this IMER seminar, Manuel Insberg explores how promissory acts constitute the relationship between refugees...

IMER Lunch Seminar - 26th April, 2023
Jakob Owens- Unsplash

Online self-presentations of young migrant women in Norway: Navigating opportunities and risks on Social Networking Sites.

Social networking sites (SNS) represent important social arenas in young people’s everyday life. SNS give young people with migrant backgrounds opportunities to keep in touch with family and friends in transnational networks and create opportunities to establish “digital neighborhoods” of youth in...

IMER Lunch Seminar
Young People Networks

(Re)building supportive relationships for unaccompanied minor refugees: Narratives from Norway, Finland and Scotland

(Re)building supportive relationships is a key task for unaccompanied minor refugees aspiring for a good life.

IMER Breakfast Seminar
Syrian refugees in Jordan- ILO Jordan

Working Rightly: Syrian Refugees in Jordan

In 2016, the Jordan compact was signed, where Jordan committed to improving access to education and legal employment for Syrian refugees in return for funds and benefits from the European Union.

Hakan Dinner Speech

IMER Bergen successfully celebrates its 25th Anniversary

IMER Bergen successfully celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a lineup of activities that garnered interest from migration and ethnic relations scholars and practitioners from the Nordic region. Participants took part in activities ranging from a roundtable discussion by former IMER Directors,...