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Registration is now open for the 22nd NMR conference that will be held on 14-16th August 2024 in Bergen.
Join us for the 22nd NMR Conference as a volunteer and thematically engage with how migrants and different ethnic groups experience and navigate precarity.
Promises play an integral part in refugee regimes of Western liberal democracies. They appear in political speeches, bureaucratic procedures, legal texts on asylum, or integration programs. In this IMER seminar, Manuel Insberg explores how promissory acts constitute the relationship between refugees and the receiving society and engender powerful images of the future, drawing on data from his... Read more
Social networking sites (SNS) represent important social arenas in young people’s everyday life. SNS give young people with migrant backgrounds opportunities to keep in touch with family and friends in transnational networks and create opportunities to establish “digital neighborhoods” of youth in Norway and elsewhere. Activities on SNS, however, also involve risk in relation to visibility and... Read more
(Re)building supportive relationships is a key task for unaccompanied minor refugees aspiring for a good life.
In 2016, the Jordan compact was signed, where Jordan committed to improving access to education and legal employment for Syrian refugees in return for funds and benefits from the European Union.
Migration researcher Marry-Anne Karlsen at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at UiB has been granted prestigious funding by the EU to do research on expert knowledge in asylum litigation.
IMER Bergen successfully celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a lineup of activities that garnered interest from migration and ethnic relations scholars and practitioners from the Nordic region. Participants took part in activities ranging from a roundtable discussion by former IMER Directors, keynote speeches from notable scholars from the region, and panel discussions by IMER-affiliated... Read more
NLA University College has a vacant permanent position at their Bergen and Kristiansand campuses. The position will cover teaching needs and strengthen research in line with NLA's current 2021-2025 strategic plan.
Are you interested in understanding how and why deportations have become a central tool of European migration control? Are you interested in understanding these issues from a historical perspective? If yes, please save the date for a presentation by Miika Tervonen.
The EU has over the past years increasingly externalised its borders outside its own territory. Externalisation in a nutshell denotes the relocation of border controls and other migration management functions to so-called third countries. How does this play out in Jordan—host of more than 600,000 Syrian refugees?
International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit (IMER Bergen) is delighted to welcome you to celebrate 25 years of engaging in outstanding research and dissemination within the field. The program awaits you with engaging topics and conversations and contributions from both local and external researchers.
The workshop critically explored positionality as a concept and looked at how it shapes the kinds of questions, we as researchers ask and how we relate to our participants. Specifically, the workshop provided a space for reflection on what privileges and power relations are at play between researchers and their research participants, and why these matter.
Non-state actors have become the gatekeepers of the State in the context of migration - especially for deportation and detention. Exploring the intersection between NSAs accountability under international human rights law and forced migration is hence crucial in defining a progressive way of interpreting the law – with justice for the victims as the final aim. The research presented in this... Read more
IMER Bergen and IMER Junior will throw a party on the evening of 13th May and welcome those of you based in Bergen to join us! This will be an occasion to celebrate and network, both for established IMERians and for those of you who wish to connect with IMER and IMER Junior (Bergen).
The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights have again in their latest report on Norway, criticized the disconnect between Norway’s human rights obligations and the restricted access to health care services for undocumented migrants, including European Union citizens lacking a European health insurance card. Many clinicians continue to face difficult dilemmas in their efforts to... Read more
After almost a two-year break from social (presential) events, IMER Junior Scholar Network organized a national seminar for junior scholars of migration and ethnic relations, between 2-3 December 2021 in Bergen.
VID Specialized University (Stavanger Campus) have two new fully funded three-year Ph.D. positions in the areas of migration and migration and religion.