IMER Bergen
IMER Junior Scholars Network Annual Seminar

National Seminar for Junior Scholars of Migration and Ethnic Relations in Bergen. 2-3 December 2021

After almost a two-year break from social (presential) events, IMER Junior Scholar Network organized a national seminar for junior scholars of migration and ethnic relations, between 2-3 December 2021 in Bergen.

Irina Tiurikova

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The national seminar offered a platform for an annual meeting of junior scholars who are based in Norway and who are working in the field of migration and ethnic relations. Scholars from different disciplines and at various stages of their research attended the 2 day seminar where they got to learn from each other and from senior IMER scholars. The national seminar included workshops and group discussions, “practice your elevator talk” sessions and short and informal presentations of research projects in a creative unconventional way, panel debates and a keynote speech given by top-notch researchers on relevant topics.