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The workshop critically explored positionality as a concept and looked at how it shapes the kinds of questions, we as researchers ask and how we relate to our participants. Specifically, the workshop provided a space for reflection on what privileges and power relations are at play between researchers and their research participants, and why these matter.
Non-state actors have become the gatekeepers of the State in the context of migration - especially for deportation and detention. Exploring the intersection between NSAs accountability under international human rights law and forced migration is hence crucial in defining a progressive way of interpreting the law – with justice for the victims as the final aim. The research presented in this... Read more
IMER Bergen and IMER Junior will throw a party on the evening of 13th May and welcome those of you based in Bergen to join us! This will be an occasion to celebrate and network, both for established IMERians and for those of you who wish to connect with IMER and IMER Junior (Bergen).