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IMER Bergen successfully celebrates its 25th Anniversary

IMER Bergen successfully celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a lineup of activities that garnered interest from migration and ethnic relations scholars and practitioners from the Nordic region. Participants took part in activities ranging from a roundtable discussion by former IMER Directors, keynote speeches from notable scholars from the region, and panel discussions by IMER-affiliated researchers. IMER Junior Scholars also participated in a PhD relay where various PhD candidates benefitted from critical feedback from IMER-affiliated researchers.

Hakan Dinner Speech
Former IMER Director Hakan G. Sicakkan giving a speech at dinner. Conference participants were treated to a dinner which provided an opportunity to unwind and socialise.
Joanna Zofia Spyra

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The anniversary celebration began with a pre-conference (IMER Jr. PhD Relay) where 14 junior scholars presented their ongoing PhD projects and received critical feedback from IMER-affiliated researchers Randi Gressgård, Mette Andersson,  Catherine Talleraas, Astrid Sundsbø, and Marry-Anne Karlsen. 

The main conference started on a high note where IMER Bergen founding member, Yngve Lithman and former IMER Directors Mette Andersson, Hakan G. Sicakkan and Susanne Bygnes took participants through the research networks' history and achievements over the last 25 years. The event also benefitted from Keynote speeches from renowned migration and ethnic relations scholars in the region -  Christine Jacobsen, Mikkel Rytter, Peo Hansen and Lena Näre. The keynote speakers offered a critical lens on the different conceptualizations of migration over the years and the dynamic challenges migration, and ethnic relations research currently face.

Lena Nare
Lena Näre giving her keynote speech on 'Rethinking knowledge production in Migration Studies and Ethnic Relations. Photo by Joanna Zofia Spyra

A panel discussion by IMER Affiliated researchers Synnøve BendixsenHeath Cabot, Marry-Anne KarlsenRegine Paul and Cathrine Talleraas reflected on the need to deexceptionalize migration in IMER research. In a separate panel, Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø, Marte Knag Fylkesnes and Fungisai Puleng Gwanzura Ottemöller engaged in a timely discussion on the contradictory aims and roles of research on inclusion.

Synnøve Panel
Synnøve Bendixsen, Heath Cabot, Regine Paul, Cathrine Talleraas and Marry-Anne Karlsen. Photo by Kari Hagatun
Astrid Panel
Marte Knag Fylkesnes, Astrid Ouahyb Sundsbø and Fungisai Puleng Gwanzura Ottemöller. Photo by Joanna Zofia Spyra

We would like to thank everyone who found time out of their busy schedules to participate in IMERs 25th Anniversary celebration!