Michael Sars-senteret


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Burkhardt Group

Former Group Members in Burkhardt Group


  • Maria Sachkova
    Postdoc/Researcher (2018-2023)
    Currently: Lecturer at University of Bristol, UK
  • Joan Josep Soto Angel
    Department Engineer/Researcher (2018-2022)
    Currently: Postdoc with Aino Hosia (University of Bergen)
  • Astrid Medhus
    Department Engineer (2021-2022)
    Currently: PhD candidate with Anette Weyergang (Oslo University Hospital)
  • Tarja Hoffmeyer
    PhD (2016-2020)
    Currently: Postdoc with Phillip Schiffer (University of Cologne)
  • Anita Böhnke
    Researcher (2019-2020) 
    Currently: Centre of Migration Health (Bergen Kommune)