UNESCO Chair: Bærekraftig arv og miljøforvaltning


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Sustainability debate

Conservation and restoration of nature will aid in achieving all other SDGs

In an article for Spire, Inger Måren and Vigdis Vandvik explain why we need nature like never before to achieve the UN's sustainable development goals.


Climate crisis, nature crisis, and now a pandemic. But there is hope: IPCC's Special Report on Climate Change and Land shows that preventing the loss of nature will have a positive effect on all the other sustainable development goals.

Read about why we need nature like never before to reach a sustainable world in this recent article for Spirehttps://overvekst.spireorg.no/stykkevis-og-delt-%e2%80%93-bevaring-og-restaurering-av-natur.html

The opinion peace is written by the UNESCO Chair at UiB - Inger E. Måren, and the Centre Director for CeSAM - Vigdis Vandvik. They list 7 concrete steps needed to conserve and restore nature at the necessary scale:

  1. SMART goals adapted to local conditions
  2. Knowledge-based reporting
  3. Involvement of young people
  4. Involvement of the professional environments
  5. Independence and credibility
  6. Openness leads to trust
  7. Nature is the foundation of everything