HySchool - Norsk forskerskole for hydrogen og hydrogenbaserte brensler


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Main contact points, project owner:

Project manager (UiB) - Trygve Skjold
Administrative coordinator (UiB) - Merry Ho

Main contact persons, other academic partners:

Mohamad Mustafa (UiT)
Nicola Paltrinieri (NTNU)
Ove Njå (UiS)
Knut Vågsæther (USN)
Jorge Mario Marchetti (NMBU)
Sabrina Sartori (UiO)

Main contact persons, partners from the labour market:

Hege Rognø (Equinor)
Bjørn Christian Hauback (Institute for Energy Technology)
Kjetil Lien Olsen (Gexcon Certification)


General contact: hyschool@uib.no

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