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Research project: NORDIS

NORdic Observatory for Digital Media and Information DISorder

The Nordic Observatory for Digital Media and Information Disorder (NORDIS) is a consortium of researchers and fact-checkers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. We are one of the national hubs of The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). NORDIS is funded by a grant from the European Commission, and lead by Aarhus University’s DATALAB. Our principal investigator is professor Anja Bechmann. Our aim is to develop theories, practices and models that can help counteract digital information disorders – the spreading of misinformation, disinformation and other forms of harmful information online – and to help empower citizens in the Nordic welfare states to resist such information by enabling them to enhance their media literacy. NORDIS has members from several universities and fact-checking organisations: Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Helsinki (Finland), University of Bergen (Norway), Uppsala University (Sweden), Faktisk.no (Norway), Källkritikbyrån (Sweden), TjekDet (Denmark) and Faktabaari (Finland).

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NORDIS, datalab.aau.dk


In NORDIS, the I2S research group colaborates with the Journalism research group and faktisk.no, the Norwegian fact-checking organisation to better understand fact checker's tooling needs and to improve existing tools and techniques.