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HySchool Days 2023

This is the web page for HySchool Days 2023, the premier networking event organised by HySchool ‒ Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Based Fuels. UiB hosted HySchool Days 2023 in Bergen, on 8-9 March 2023. 



About HySchool Days

The primary objective of HySchool is to contribute to the global energy transition by enhancing the quality of Norwegian doctoral training on the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel as energy carriers in society. PhD students from all universities and university colleges in Norway can be admitted to HySchool, provided research on hydrogen and/or hydrogen-based fuels is an important part of the doctoral project.

In this perspective, HySchool Days will be an annual meeting place for PhD candidates, researchers and representatives from the labour market, from different disciplines and organisations. The partners in HySchool will take turns organising HySchool at various locations in Norway.

HySchool Days 2023

University of Bergen (UiB) hosted HySchool Days 2023 at hotel Scandic Ørnen in Bergen on 8-9 March 2023. The programme featured presentations from:

As such, HySchool Days 2023 represented a unique opportunity for networking, as well as to get an overview of contemporary research activities and industrial initiatives on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.


You can now find the presentation slides from HySchool Days 2023 here.


The programme for HySchool Days 2023 can be downloaded HERE


If you have any questions, please contact: hyschool@uib.no.