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Active PhD-candidates

On this page you will find an overview of the current Ph.D.-students in HySchool.

PhD-candidates in HySchool and their supervisors during HySchool Days 2023.
PhD-candidates in HySchool and other participants during HySchool Days 2024.

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The doctoral project of each student falls under one main Topical Area (circled), but can include elements from the other four TAs.

TA1 Society and environment


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5
Brynhild StavlandEmailSafety Regulation of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier in SocietyUiS2345
Vedant BallalEmailEnvironmental sustainability analysis of integrating theH2-economy with the bio-economyNTNU    
Claudia ChengEmailHydrogen: A new industry for the low-carbon energy transition in Arctic NorwayUiT    
Isabelle VioleEmailEnergy storage systems for a sustainably-powered telescopeUiO 34 

Teymur Gogiyev

EmailEnvironmental sustainability analysis of H2 production and use in NorwayNTNU    
Martina FantiniEmailSustainable Aviation Futures in Norway: Visions and TrajectoriesNTNU 3  
Kine JohnsenEmailPublic policy co-production, visions & strategies – Understanding the New Hydrogen Hype in Norway and the EUNTNU    

Moritz Langhorst

 Using dynamic and multi-layer material flow analysis for hydrogen usage in high-temperature processes of the aluminium and steel industriesNTNU  4 
Manika Manandhar Life-Cycle Assessment of Green Hydrogen Fuels in the Heavy-Duty Transport Sector in NepalNTNU    

TA2 Production


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5 
Jonas HimmelstrupEmailDesign of Novel Catalysts for Homogeneous Ammonia SynthesisUiB  ②     
Marcello Costamagna  Towards sustainable ammonia production: development and implementation of evolutionary algorithms for catalyst designUiB  ②     
Lucas CammannEmailPlantwide control for flexible operation of electrolysis systemsNTNU  ②  5 

John Senith Fernando

EmailCarbon Capture and Gas SeparationTechnologyUiS  ②  5 

Mohamed Safy

EmailExploring the Synergy of DFT and Volcano Plot Analysis for the Discovery of Innovative Catalysts in CO2 HydrogenationUiO  ②    

Leif Eric Hertwig

EmailDesign of Novel Catalysts for Homogeneous Ammonia SynthesisUiB  ②    
Megan HeathEmailTowards reducing the anodic Ir loading in PEM water electrolyzersNTNU  ②    

Marius Fredriksen

 Modelling, Optimization and Control of Electrolyzer SystemsNTNU1 ②  5 

Alicia San Martin Rueda

EmailIn-situ characterization of perovskites using advanced techniquesNTNU      
Øyvind LindgårdEmailFormulation and experimental validation of models for degradation and performance of catalytic layers for water electrolysisNTNU  ②    
Mengxin WuEmail UiO  ②    

Luyang Wang

EmailMinority bulk and surface proton conduction in ceramic positrodes for proton ceramic electrochemical cellsUiO  ②    
Stine Roen EmailElectrochemical characterization of mixed conducting ceramic positrodes for water splitting in electrolysisUiO      

Patrick Ewerhardt

EmailCharacterization and simulations of model electrodes in proton ceramic electrochemical cellsUiO  ②    
Torbjørn Egeland-EriksenEmailEnergy management for a novel hybrid energy storage system for the integration of renewable energy sources into the power gridUiO  ②34  
Thomas Benjamin FerridayEmailImproving the Membrane Electrode Assembly of an Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyser - A Study of Interfacial ElectrochemistryUiA     

Minh Chi To

EmailGreen hydrogen productionUiS     
Willow DewEmailPalladium-based membranes for hydrogen and ammoniaNTNU     
Kristoffer Skjelanger Development of Mathematical and Physical models for Hydrogen Production in Rotating SystemsHVL     
Liina SangoltEmailUtilization of offshore wind for hydrogen productionUiB 3 5 
Anders Even KvåleEmailNear-field electrospinningUiB     
Tomasz SkrzydloEmailCatalytic Cracking of methane over metal and carbon-based catalystsUiS     
Sivagowri ShanmugaratnamEmailGreen hydrogen production through photocatalytic water splittingUiB     

TA3 Storage and distribution


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5
Abhishek BanerjeeEmailStructure and Dynamics in Hydrogen-Rich Alloys for Hydrogen StorageUiS    
Muhammad Baqir HashmiEmailPerformance Assessment of Hydrogen fueled Gas TurbinesUiS  45
Wendpanga Jean Donald MinougouEmailPhD Fellowship in Geological Storage of HydrogenUiS    

Raymond Mushabe

EmailExperimental reservoir physicsUiB   5

Mehmet Fazıl Kapçı

 Material Integrity of Titanium Alloys for Hydrogen Energy ApplicationsNTNU    
Sahra Louise Guldahl-IbouderEmailDevelopment of Novel Materials for Low-Temperature Ammonia CrackingNTNU  4 
Ingrid Marie StuenEmailSupply Chain Losses and Quality Degradation for Large Volume Hydrogen Transport ChainsUiB  45
Paula Endrös Designing hydrogen resistant Ti-6Al-4V parts manufactured by Electron Beam MeltingNTNU    
Vilde Gahr Sturtzel LundeEmailMagnetocaloric materials for hydrogen liquefactionUiO    

Sadegh Ahmadpour

EmailHydrogen storage in porous mediaUiS    
Emil Høj Jensen EmailEnergy Storage Systems for the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Power GridUiO    

Sreeshyam Vadake Adat

EmailHigh entropy alloys for hydrogen storageUiO    

TA4 Applications


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5
Reyhaneh BanihabibEmailDevelopment of Real-Time Smart Data Analytic Tools for Monitoring and Optimum Operation of MGT SystemsUiS    

Kinza Huma

 Synthesis, structure and dynamics of oxyhydridesUiS    

Giulia Collina

EmailHydrogen technologies to decarbonise the glass and aluminium sectorsNTNU   5

Keivan Afshar Ghasemi

 Study of Zero-Carbon Fuels for Internal Combustion EnginesNTNU    

David Zilles

EmailExperimental study of low-carbon fuel injection and combustion in marine enginesNTNU    

Duc Duy Nguyen

EmailCombustion of ammonia and hydrogen fuelmixtures in marine engineNTNU    

Tristan van Kaam

EmailThe use of hydrogen as a reducing agent innthe production of rutile and ferro manganese alloysNTNU    
Elena BaboiEmailSafe Operations in Hydrogen-based IndustryNTNU1  5
Giulia Fede H2GLASS: Hydrogen technologies and smart production systems to decarbonise the glass and aluminum sectorsNTNU    

Jiyong Shin

EmailCombustion DynamicsNTNU   5

Muhammad Salman

 Green hydrogen from air (FAIR)UiO12  
Liya Jacob SiO reduction using HydrogenNTNU    

Abinavnataraj Ramakrishnan

EmailMetal organic Framewroks and Zeolites for Catalytic co2 Hydrogenation to MethanolUiS    
Asutosh MallickEmailApplication of Hydrogen in Large Maritime PEM Fuel CellsUiT    

TA5 Safety


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5
Alessandro CampariEmailLoss Prevention and Operational Safety of Hydrogen TechnologiesNTNU  34
Alice SchiaroliEmailPerformance of hydrogen storage components exposed to fire with focus on cryogenic equipmentNTNU  3 
Federica Tamburini EmailLiquid hydrogen transport and useNTNU  3 
Leonardo GianniniEmailLoss Prevention and Operational Safety of Hydrogen TechnologiesNTNU  3 
Efthymia DerempoukaEmailHydrogen as energy carrier in society: risk picture, risk awareness and public acceptance (HySociety)UiB1   
Matthijs van Wingerden  Chemical inhibition of hydrogen explosionsUiB    
Melodia LucasEmail Improved modelling of hydrogen explosionsUiB    
Farhana Yasmine TuhiEmailReliability and resilience of green hydrogen production systemsNTNU 2  
Petar BosnicEmailDevelopment of a CFD methodology to reduce the hazards of hydrogen and ammonia systems in maritime and industrial sectorsUSN    
Anna Marie LandeEmailMitigation of Hydrogen ExplosionsUSN    
Lucas Claussner Modelling of Loss of Containment Consequences of Hydrogen TechnologiesNTNU    

Abhishek Subedi

EmailSafety Solutions for Hydrogen Storage and TransportNTNU  34

Dikshya Bhandari

EmailIdentifying and Mitigating Risks in Hydrogen Energy for Safer IntegrationUiS 2