HySchool - Norwegian research school on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels

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On this page you will find an overview of the current Ph.D.-students in HySchool.

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The doctoral project of each student falls under one main Topical Area (circled), but can include elements from the other four TAs.


EmailPh.D.-project title TA1TA2TA3TA4TA5
Alessandro CampariEmailLoss Prevention and Operational Safety of Hydrogen TechnologiesNTNU  34
Alice Schiaroli Performance of hydrogen storage components exposed to fire with focus on cryogenic equipmentNTNU  3 
Federica Tamburini  Liquid hydrogen transport and useNTNU  3  
Leonardo GianniniEmailLoss Prevention and Operational Safety of Hydrogen TechnologiesNTNU  3 
Vedant BallalEmailEnvironmental sustainability analysis of integrating theH2-economy with the bio-economyNTNU    
Abhishek BanerjeeEmailStructure and Dynamics in Hydrogen-Rich Alloys for Hydrogen StorageUiS    
Brynhild StavlandEmailSafety Regulation of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier in SocietyUiS2345
Muhammad Baqir HashmiEmailPerformance Assessment of Hydrogen fueled Gas TurbinesUiS  45
Reyhaneh BanihabibEmailDevelopment of Real-Time Smart Data Analytic Tools for Monitoring and Optimum Operation of MGT SystemsUiS    
Wendpanga Jean Donald MinougouEmailPhD Fellowship in Geological Storage of HydrogenUiS    
Claudia ChengEmailHydrogen: A new industry for the low-carbon energy transition in Arctic NorwayUiT     
Emil Høj Jensen  Energy Storage Systems for the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Power GridUiO    
Isabelle VioleEmailEnergy storage systems for a sustainably-powered telescopeUiO 34 
Torbjørn Egeland-EriksenEmailEnergy management for a novel hybrid energy storage system for the integration of renewable energy sources into the power gridUiO  ② 34 
Thomas FerridayEmailImproving the Membrane Electrode Assembly of an Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyser - A Study of Interfacial ElectrochemistryUiA  ②    
Efthymia DerempoukaEmailHydrogen as energy carrier in society: risk picture, risk awareness and public acceptance (HySociety)UiB1   
Jonas HimmelstrupEmailDesign of Novel Catalysts for Homogeneous Ammonia SynthesisUiB  ②    
Liina SangoltEmailUtilization of offshore wind for hydrogen productionUiB 2 5
Marcello Costamagna  Towards sustainable ammonia production: development and implementation of evolutionary algorithms for catalyst designUiB  ②    
Matthijs van Wingerden  Chemical inhibition of hydrogen explosionsUiB    
Melodia LucasEmail Improved modelling of hydrogen explosionsUiB    
Raymond MushabeEmailExperimental reservoir physicsUiB   5