HySchool - Norwegian research school on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels


The primary objective of HySchool is to contribute to the global energy transition by enhancing the quality of Norwegian doctoral education on the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel as energy carriers.


Main content

Over the coming decades, the energy infrastructure will undergo a transition towards an increasing share of renewable energy sources in the global energy mix. The variable and intermittent supply of energy from solar and wind points to energy systems based on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels as the new, primary energy carriers. With the widespread deployment of hydrogen technologies in society, changes to the education system must be made to support the development of a workforce with the training, competence and skills that fulfil the needs of the prospective labour market.

HySchool will play an active role in the coordination of study programmes at Ph.D.-level in the academic institutions and encourage mobility of researchers among partners in the consortium as well as international cooperation partners. HySchool provides a meeting point for Ph.D.-candidates and supervisors from different institutions and disciplines in a field that is expected to play a crucial role for Norway as a leading maritime nation and net exporter of energy commodities.

Activities such as annual seminars, webinars, and excursions will give participants from academia and the industry the opportunity to learn from leading international researchers in the field, and to be updated on the activities and results of the doctoral candidates affiliated with the research school. The academic partners will establish interdisciplinary and application-oriented courses for students, partners, and industry, and thereby support and facilitate the education of personnel with qualifications that are in high demand in the labour market. The knowledge, competence, skills, and networks the Ph.D.-students develop in HySchool will enhance the competitiveness of the trade and industry, position the academic partners for national and international collaborative research projects, and accelerate the transition to a low-emission society. 

With the direct involvement of representatives from academia and authorities, HySchool will provide valuable opportunities for networking, mobility, and cooperation and secure high relevance for the doctoral programs on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in the labour market. In a long-term perspective, HySchool will facilitate pre-competitive and cooperative research on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, where state-of-the-art research activities on selected application areas of high importance for the industrial and governmental user partners support the development of innovative technology and methodology.