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HySchool Days 2024

This is the web page for HySchool Days 2024, the premier networking event organised by HySchool ‒ Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Based Fuels. NTNU will host HySchool Days 2024 in Trondheim, on 23-24 April 2024. 

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About HySchool Days

The primary objective of HySchool is to contribute to the global energy transition by enhancing the quality of Norwegian doctoral training on the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel as energy carriers in society. PhD students from all universities and university colleges in Norway can be admitted to HySchool, provided research on hydrogen and/or hydrogen-based fuels is an important part of the doctoral project.

In this perspective, HySchool Days will be an annual meeting place for PhD candidates, researchers and representatives from the labour market, from different disciplines and organisations. The partners in HySchool will take turns organising HySchool at various locations in Norway.

HySchool Days 2024

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is hosting HySchool Days 2024 at Rockheim Museum and Quality Hotel Prinsen in Trondheim on 23-24 April 2024. For internal participants, there will be additional programme on Monday 22 April and Thursday 25 April. The programme will feature presentations from:

As such, HySchool Days 2024 represented a unique opportunity for networking, as well as to get an overview of contemporary research activities and industrial initiatives on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.


Updated versions of the programme for HySchool Days 2024 can be downloaded HERE

If you cannot download the programme, please access it under "HySchool Days 2024 Programme" at the bottom of this page. The programme will be updated regularly as we close in on the event.


The registration for HySchool Days 2024 is now closed.

The free event is fully booked (160 participants), but we have a waiting list in case some of the registered participants are not able to attend.

Please send a message to hyschool@uib.no if you have any questions, if you want to change your registration, or if you want to sign up for the waiting list.

There is no registration fee, but please note that the number of participants is limited, and we may have to close the registration before 31 January.

Suggestions for presentations are most welcome, and you can specify a tentative title and the preferred length of your presentation during the registration process.


Please notify HySchool as soon as possible, and preferably before 31 January 2024, if you have to change or cancel your registration: hyschool@uib.no


If you have any questions, please contact: hyschool@uib.no.

Practical information for internal participants (internal members)

Internal participants are PhD students admitted to the research school, members of the Board and the Project Management Team (PMT), and representative from the partners in the project that are directly involved in the organisation of HySchool Days 2024 or the internal meetings on Monday 22 April. Specially invited speakers may also be asked to register as internal participants. Please contact the main contact representative of your organisation. if you are in doubt whether you should register as an internal participant.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, HySchool will ONLY cover expenses for accommodation booked through the regular registration process. 

  • All participants must cover their own travel expenses, or get such expenses covered by the budget allocated to their respective organisations. The only exception are specially invited speakers, for which the research school may offer to cover accommodation and travel expenses (this must be agreed in advance).
  • HySchool will send a list of registered participants to the hotel, including a list of the internal participants that have opted for, and are entitled to, accommodation covered by the research school.
  • HySchool has reserved a limited number of rooms for internal participants of HySchool at Quality Hotel Prinsen. HySchool does not cover accommodation for participants residing in or near Trondheim, including admitted students, board members, etc.

If you are uncertain whether or how certain costs can be covered, please consult the main contact person for your organisation.

Practical information for external participants

All participants must cover their own travel expenses and accommodation, or get such expenses covered by the budget allocated to their respective organisations. The only exception are specially invited speakers, for which the research school may offer to cover accommodation and travel expenses (this must be agreed in advance). Suggestions of nearby hotels include: Quality Hotel Prinsen, Quality Hotel Augustin, Thon Hotel Trondheim, Britannia Hotel, Thon Hotel Nidaros, Chesterfield Hotel, Scandic Nidelven, Clarion Hotel Trondheim, etc