HySchool - Norwegian research school on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels

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HySchool - Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Based Fuels is a thematically oriented research school where doctoral candidates from all universities and university colleges in Norway can be admitted. The main requirement for admittance to the research school is that important parts of the doctoral project address issues related to hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels as energy carriers in industry and society. 

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HySchool Days 2023 in Bergen

​​​​​​​HySchool Days are the annual networking events organised by HySchool  ̶  Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Based Fuels. Over hundred participants gathered for HySchool Days 2023, including PhD candidates and leading experts from industry, academia, research institutes and non...

new year greeting

Happy New Year from HySchool

HySchool wishes everyone a happy new year and we look forward to fruitful cooperation and networking in 2023.

new board members

These are the Student Representatives of HySchool 2022 - 2023

HySchool welcomes the four student representatives to the board for 2022 - 2023! They represent the students in HySchool and will contribute to the development of the research school.

next deadline

HySchool Call for Applications is now open

You can now submit your application for HySchool - Norwegian Research School on Hydrogen and Hydrogen-based Fuels. The deadline for the next admittance of new students is 5. June.

HySchool Kick-off meeting August 2022

HySchool has started and Ph.D.-students from all over Norway are attending

HySchool, a Norwegian research school with focus on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, had its kick-off meeting at Solstrand outside Bergen this week and we are off to a good start.