Department of Physics and Technology

Prof. Martin Fernø og Førsteamanuensis Kjartan Olafsson

IFT researchers make it fun to learn physics

IFT’s Prof. Martin Fernø, Assoc. Prof. Kjartan Olafsson and researcher Bergit Brattekås have created videos demonstrating basic principles of magnetism, electricity and porous materials. The three videos–in Norwegian–are the first of a series that is planned to bring fundamental principles of physics to students in a fun and approachable way. See the videos here:

Porous media

research school
Attendees of Birkeland Centre Research School

Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS) hosts successful research school

“Atmospheric Electricity and Hard Radiation from Thunderclouds” was the topic of the week-long research school that was conducted by BCSS.

prestigious appointment
Bodil Holst

IFT Professor to lead the Kavli Prize Committee for Nanoscience

Prof. Bodil Holst of the Institute of Physics and Technology/UiB has been chosen to lead the committee that will pick the next three winners of the Kavli Prize for nanotechnology.

Tegning av jordens magnetfelt

New study at UiB presents surprising explanation for differences in southern and northern lights

It has been known since 2009 that the auroras seen around the North and South Poles are not symmetrical as had been formerly assumed. New results based on research done at the Birkeland Centre for Space Science at UiB present a surprising explanation behind this asymmetry.

Research centres at IFT

Department of Physics and Technology has an extensive international collaboration including CERN and the European Space Agency (ESA). The department is also hosting one Centre of Excellence (SFF), is actively involved in one Centre for Research based Innovation (SFI), and is contributing to two Research centres for Environmental friendly Energy (FME).