Department of Physics and Technology

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We are on the third floor of Allegt.55.

Ph.D.-coordinator (room 354)

Marianne Daae (telephone: 55 58 27 91)
e-mail: phd.ift@uib.no

Student advisor for Physics (room 350)

Christine Aashild Haugstad Magnussen (substitute for Maria)
Maria Rigstad Langvad (on leave) (telephone: +47 55 58 28 14)
e-mail: studie.fysikk@uib.no

Student advisor for Reservoir and Geoenergy 
and Energy- and Process Technology (room 358)

Master's: Merry Ho (telephone: 55 58 27 67)
e-mail: studie.ptek@uib.no

Student advisor for Ocean Technology (2. floor - room 214)

Inquiries regarding the Master's program in Ocean Technology and integrated Master's program in Ocean Technology (civil engineer) are to be directed to:

Irlin Nyland (telephone: 55 58 27 53)
e-mail: studie.htek@uib.no