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Professor Gunnar Mellgren, Department of Clinical Science, UiB

Prof. Gunnar Mellgren, Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Haukeland University Hospital and Head of the Hormone Laboratory Research Group will present: "Cellular and Molecular Factors in Obesity"


Gunnar Mellgren, MD, PhD has board certifications in clinical endocrinology/internal medicine and clinical chemistry. He is interested in molecular endocrinology (steroid hormone receptor/estrogen-mediated regulations), obesity/diabetes and endocrine aspects of breast cancer, and has characterized novel protein interactions and the regulation of several molecular pathways. Mellgren has established Biobank Haukeland, the Prospective Breast Cancer Biobank (PBCB) and Western Norway Obesity Biobank. His laboratory has developed state of the art LC/MSMS-methods for analyses of steroid hormones, tamoxifen/metabolites and aromatase inhibitors that are being used in several international clinical trials. Mellgren has had research stays at Karolinska Institute and Danish Centre for Human Genome Research. He is Professor and Chair of the Hormone Laboratory Research Group at the University of Bergen and Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Haukeland University Hospital. He is also co-chair of Mohn Research Center for Diabetes Precision Medicine, University of Bergen.


Visit Prof. Gunnar Mellgren's website.