Health, Work and Society


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Sickness Absence, Disability and Health


The vast majority of quantitative analyses of sickness absence and disability have been based on register data with diagnosis as the only health information.

Lack of better measures of physical and mental health has limited the opportunities to draw conclusions about the relative importance of health and factors related to work as well as to the household situation and economic incentives relevant for absenteeism and withdrawal from work.

In this project, large population based health studies are linked to national registries of health insurance benefits, demographics and occupation.

These extraordinarily rich data sources allow us to include health-related, social, work-related and economic factors in comprehensive micro-level studies of the complex transitions between work and disability benefits (sick leave and disability pension award). In our projects we take advantage of input from the medical-, psychological- as well as the economic- and sociological fields of theory and methodology.


·  Health-related factors


·  Work-related factors


·  Social factors 



Project team:

University of Bergen:

Sub-project leader Professor Arnstein Mykletun. Funded by the project is post doc fellow Simon Øverland, PhD fellow Ann Kristin Knudsen and PhD fellow Marit Knapstad. In addition, PhD fellows Jens Skogen and Inger Haukenes, Professor Kjell Haug and Professor John Gunnar Mæland have been close collaborators.

Key international collaborators are Professor Matthew Hotopf (Kings College, London), Professor Gunnel Hensing (Göteborg University), and Associate professor Nicholas Glozier (University of Sydney).