Operativ psykologi


Operativ psykologi



Professor Anita Lill Hansen, Department of Psychosocial Science


Operational Psychology Research Group
Department of Psychosocial Science
Christiesgt. 12
5015 Bergen

Phone: 55 58 31 90
E-mail: post@psysp.uib.no

About the group

Our research is directed at human factors that influence performance and cooperation in critical situations, safety critical workplaces and high reliability organizations. We have focused on operational teams and organizations, including transportation, maritime and offshore hydrocarbon energy industries, armed forces and police, and rescue and emergency services.

Our research is focused on mental models and situational awareness, errors, risk assessment and resilience, non-technical skills and decision making, problem solving under time constraints and uncertainty, leadership and communication, and personality traits such as resilience and hardiness.  

The Operational Psychology Research Group was founded in 2002 and has for more than a decade been a pioneering Norwegian research group on human factors, interaction and performance in operational teams. We use a broad range of research approaches, including naturalistic studies of operational teams in extreme situations, behavioural simulations, experiments, field experiments, biological markers, surveys, eye-tracking and simulators.

Operational psychology is relevant for all occupations and organisations where problem-solving and interaction take place in complex environments, and where errors can have potentially fatal consequences. Findings from the group’s research has been applied within the operational units and disseminated into the applied settings where it is relevant. The research has been presented in international and national peer reviewed journals, textbooks, and teachings at the university and college level, industry reports, seminars and training courses.

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