Unesco 2014


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Conference Organization


Advisory committee

  • Tora Aasland, leader of the Norwegian UNESCO commission 
  • Rector Dag Rune Olsen, University of Bergen
  • Helge Andre Njaastad, Member of the Storting
  • Gunnar Bakke, The Commissioner, City of Bergen.
  • Fransesco Bandarin, Assistant Director General UNESCO, Paris
  • Nils Georg Brekke, professor em. UiB

Programme committee

  • Peter M. Haugan, professor, Geophysical Institute (leader)
  • Vibeke Mohr, Arts Council Norway
  • Kristin Bakken, member of the Norwegian UNESCO commission
  • Terje Inderhaug, Economusé, Hordaland County Council
  • Margareth Hagen, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, UiB
  • Vigdis Vandvik, professor, Departement of biology, UiB
  • Reidun Vea, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage
  • Sigmund Grønmo, professor, Departement of sociology, UiB
  • Claude Dubet, professor, University of Laval, Canada
  • Hans-Jacob Ågotnes, Associate professor, Faculty of Humanities, UiB

Organizing committee

  • Peter Emil Kaland, professor emeritus, Department of Biologi
  • Nils Georg Brekke, professor emeritus, Cultural Sciences
  • Peter M. Haugan, professor, Geophysical Institute
  • Dirk Kolhman, Section Leader, County governor
  • William Hazel, Section Leader, Municipality of Bergen
  • Per Morten Ekerhovd, County Curator, Hordaland County Administration
  • Tanja Hoel, Fiskeriforum Vest
  • Bente Krossøy, Adviser, University Directors Office
  • Kirsti Brekke, Office of Community Relations