Senter for geobiologi


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Master's Programme in Earth Science - Geobiology

Programme information and potential Master's projects


The study includes different topics within the interactions between magmatic, metamorphic, hydrothermal, geochemical and biological processes in modern and ancient geological time, biological and (bio)geochemical processes in marine sediments, sedimentary provenance, and weathering reactions and aquatic geochemistry.

Marine research cruises and on-land field work, in combination with laboratory research, will form the basis for understanding the fundamental global petrological, geochemical and biogeochemical processes, and experience in the use of modern analytical methods and techniques. The knowledge is important for understanding the evolution of the Earth through time, and forms the basis for rational and viable management of natural resources and environment.

Examples of study themes include, but are not limited to, environment and evolution of the early Earth, biosignatures and early life, the deep biosphere, biomineralisation, marine ore deposits, and geochemical and geobiological processes connected to CO2 deposition.

Deadline for applying: 15 April / 1 November (Applicants financing their own studies: application period 11 October - 1 December) Official information about registering for a master's programme can be found here (in Norwegian) (in English).