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Water-Rock-Microbe Interactions & the Deep Biosphere

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The Deep Biosphere is a relatively unexplored frontier and studies of biodiversity here offer unique opportunities to examine the ecological and evolutionary processes that drive microbial diversity, community organisation and microbial interactions.

Fluids that circulate through the earth’s crust and mix with the ocean waters above are responsible for the exchange of elements between the crust and sea water. The processes involved are as yet poorly understood, but are critically important for complete models of marine chemistry and global element cycling.
Water-Rock-Microbe Interactions & Deep Biosphere scientists:

Ingunn Thorseth (Theme Leader)
Steffen Leth Jørgensen (Theme Co-leader)
Håkon Dahle
Kristin Flesland
Karen Johannessen
Eoghan Reeves
Desiree Roerdink
Jan Van der Roost
Adam Schaen
Anne Stensland
Rui Zhao
Ingeborg Elisabet Økland