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Facilities / Resources

Centre researchers have access to truly unique lab facilities as a result of their diverse competencies and CGB partnerships with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Departments of Earth Science and Biology at UiB.

ROV research cruise
ROV being lifted back to the ship following a dive
Rolf Birger Pedersen
Single collector ICP-MS instrument with UV solid state laser ablation system...
Single collector ICP-MS instrument with UV solid state laser ablation system in BGF laboratories
G.O. Sars på kartleggingstokt. Havbunnen kan nå kartlegges med...
G.O. Sars på kartleggingstokt. Havbunnen kan nå kartlegges med centimeterpresisjon.
Senter for geobiologi, UiB

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Geomicrobiology LabAnita-Elin Fedøy / Ida Steen
Biogeochemistry LabHildegunn Almelid / Ingunn Thorseth
ICP-MS LabSiv Dundas / Rolf Pedersen /
TIMS LabYuval Ronen / Rolf Pedersen / Cedric Hamelin
Raman LabRolf Pedersen
GMS LabPål Tore Mørkved
CBU LabHåkon Dahle
EML LabIngunn Thorseth
Advanced Data AnalysisBjarte Hannisdal


Marine Infrastructure

CGB scientists also have access to sea-going vessels taking them to field sites or natural marine laboratories.

R/V G.O. Sars is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in order to carry out a wide variety of research work. Examples of the kind of research work the vessel is capable of carrying out include: pelagic and bottom trawling, plankton sampling, CTD/rosette operations, towed body operations, hydrographic operations, water sampling, miscellaneous kinds of environmental sampling, grabbing and coring, hydro-acoustic research work, seismic operations.
Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) this type of unmanned submersible makes it possible for researchers to virtually visit the sea-floor.
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) are  also used to explore the seafloor around the deep-sea volcanoes located there, looking for hot vents and new ecosystems


Created by CGB scientists, CREST (Classification Resources for Environmental Sequence Tags) is a collection of resources for taxonomical classification of high throughput sequencing. CREST utilises a curated taxonomy derived from taxonomic annotation of a global alignment of phylogenetic marker genes.
Contact: Steffen Leth Jørgensen