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Flow cytometry is a technology that measures and analyzes the optical properties of mono-dispersed single particles, such as cells, bacteria, picoplankton, microbeads, yeast, platelets, nuclei and other similarly-sized particles, passing single file through a focused laser beam.

An important feature of flow cytometry is that large numbers, for example thousands of particles per second, are analyzed and therefore provide a statistically significant picture of a specimen's physical and biochemical make-up.

At the core facility you also have access to the Mass cytometer the Helios from Fluidigm. This technology allows for the analysis of more than 42 parameters simultaneously on a single cell basis, to enable breakthrough discovery and comprehensive functional profiling applications.



The Bergen Flow Cytometry Core Facility is located on the 5th floor of the Haukeland University Hospital Laboratory Building at room 5160. Regular business hours are from 08.00-16.00 Monday through Friday. After hour access to the facility and bench top flow cytometers may be granted for experiences users with the permission of the core facility manager. The laboratory is approved for Biosafety level 1. The laboratory doors are closed at all time, and access is only possible by card and code.

The Core Facility manager is responsible for the daily running of the facility, machine maintenance, teaching of students and quality assurance. 


Training of the machines and orientation of the facility is provided by the core facility manager. New users will be trained by the core facility manager on the relevant flow cytometer. However, training on the Aria cell sorter is limited to experienced flow cytometry users, users who will used the sorter extensively and will be responsible for sorting for their whole lab group. The Sony SH800 sorter is available for everyone, but the 5 first sorts will be supervised to ensure good use of the machine. All principal investigators and users are obliged to make a user in our booking system https://ecore.bookitlab.com/uib/ . Use of the machines is not allowed unless the machine has been booked though the system.

The core facility also offers courses in flow cytometry for master students.  Click here for more information.