Molecular Imaging Center


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MIC offers courses and workshops. Regular courses; yearly in confocal microscopy and every 2nd year in small animal imaging. For any questions please contact mic@uib.no.

Upcoming courses (links become active when registration is opened):

21.-23. September 2022: Workshop on Single Molecule-based Super-resolution Microscopy: from Acquisition to Analysis, from Theory to Applications


MICs course history:

2018Confocal microscopy, STED workshop, Dragonfly workshop
2017Confocal microscopy, Multi modal imaging course, IncuCyte usercourse
2016Confocal microscopy
2015Confocal microscopy, Multi modal imaging course
2014Confocal microscopy, Fluorescence imaging & quantitative analysis
2013Confocal microscopy
2012Confocal microscopy
2011Magnetic resonance imaging, Image processing
2010Electron microscopy, 2 in Confocal microscopy, Confocal Microscopy on C. elegans, Magnetic resonance imaging
2009Electron microscopy, Confocal microscopy,  Magnetic resonance imaging
2008Confocal microscopy, Image processing in Imaris
2007Electron microscopy, Confocal microscopy
2006Confocal microscopy
2005Confocal microscopy
2004Electron microscopy