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Protein Identification

The amino acid sequence of proteins in biological samples can be determined by the use of mass spectrometry.


PROBE offers:

  • Sample preparation, sample analysis by mass spectrometry and data analysis to give a final output consisting of a list of proteins present in the sample(s).
  • Courses or individual training on site in all instruments for independent use.
  • On site help for trained users.
  • Support for scientists who want to perform these tasks other places than at PROBE.


Separation techniques for samples with large number of proteins:

  • Gel-based separation of proteins based on molecular weight.
  • Off-line HPLC for reverse phase or strong cation exchange fractionation.
  • Off-gel separation of peptides and proteins based on isoelectric point.
  • Enrichment of glycoprotein/peptides and phosphopeptides.


Contact persons:

Anne Døskeland and Olav Mjaavatten