Norwegian molecular imaging consortium


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Partners of NorMIC

NorMIC has 5 nodes at 5 universities throughout Norway


Each university node has different spesialities and in the table below you'll find their main area of interest. The links to the local web pages are also found under.



Confocal systems (incl. spinning disc), electron microscopy (scanning and transmission), high throughput system, multiphoton (in vivo, in vitro), flow cytometry/cell sorting, small animal optical imaging, magnetic resonnance imaging, advanced image analysis. Course coordination.
Oslo Confocal systems (FRAP, FRET), multiphoton, correlative microscopy, quantitative electron microscopy, electron tomography.
Stavanger Plant/organelle imaging, protein-protein interactions, confocal, multiphoton.
Tromsø Provide the region with standard methologies, confocal, flow cytometry, near infrared in vivo scanning.



Inter/intramolecular interactions, atomic force microscopy, internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, confocal, multiphoton.