Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

The Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC)

MIC was started in 2003 and is an open access core facility in advanced subcellular, cellular and small animal imaging. We have highly qualified scientific and technical personnel, who operates and maintains the instrumentation. Research and development of imaging methodology is an integrated part of our activities.

MIC arranges on average 2-3 national imaging courses and workshops per year, and at all times we accommodate a large user-group at our instrumentation. All researchers from Norway as well as from abroad, are being welcomed to our facilities!

Confocal course 2018

14th MIC Confocal Microscopy Course

Open for registration, deadline 23rd of February.

Course in Multimodal Imaging

2nd MIC Multimodal Imaging Course

New system in house

2 in 1 - microscopy and nanoscopy - Confocal and STED

A new system for confocal and super-resolution imaging avalible at MIC.