Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)
Prices at MIC

Prices at MIC

ATTENTION: Current price list is found under attachments (bottom of the page). Last changed 1st of March 2024.

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Our prices entails sharing a fraction of the real running costs of MIC. Through our online booking system, our users can book instruments and assistance from our staff.

Price structure at MIC:

MIC has different prices for use of the various instruments; please consult our price list (link at the bottom of the page).

All UiB core facilities operate with two price categories; academic price and commercial activity.
Internal users will not be charged VAT (moms).
External users will be charged VAT on top of the academic or commercial price (for HelseVest funds the VAT is reimbursed).

Internal users: Users with project accounts at the University of Bergen.
External users: Users with project accounts anywhere else (HelseVest/Bergen*, NIFES, other Universities etc.). The user's affiliation doesn’t make a difference.
Academic price: Any activity that is non-economical, like research that has no commercial interest and is not commission research for a commercial company.
Commercial price: Any activity that is economical, included commission research for a commercial company.

A tip for everyone: Use UiB or HelseVest money for facility use as far as possible. *HelseVest funds can be used with the net result that VAT is NOT charged. HelseVest gets reimbursement on the VAT that UiB adds to the invoice.

Another option for some external users: If you have a true collaboration with someone at UiB you may write a cooperation agreement (samarbeidsavtale), which enable you to transfer money to an UiB account and then be handled as an internal user. This requires some more administration and is not taken care of by the facilities but by your collaborating UiB-administration.