Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

Sample Preparation Facilities

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You can drop your samples off for TEM or paraffin embedding/sectioning at our fully equipped laboratory and our highly qualified staff on MIC will prepare them for you.

After sample preparation we can offer you access to microscopes as an independent user or with the assistance of our skilled imaging technicians.

Please follow the below procedure for delivering samples:

  1. Contact Linda Sandven by e-mail and briefly explain the preparation you need and the amount of material you need to process.
  2. All users of the preparation lab need to be registered in MICs booking page. Any questions please contact mic@uib.no.
  3. Before delivering samples you have to send a submission form in the booking system, where you follow the steps in TEM or paraffin sample submission forms. Guides found attached here.
  4. You will receive feedback on the submission form regarding estimated delivery time and if possible estimated costs.
  5. When delivering samples please come at the appointed time. Samples that need to be processed right away have to be delivered within Thursdays before lunch.

Please note that we practice “first come, first served”. When your samples are ready you will receive an e-mail.