Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

Services at MIC

MIC offers a wide range of services, ranging from access to instrumentation and equipment via courses and training to full service combining sample preparation with image acquisition and analysis carried out by our highly competent staff.

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Dedicated personnel

Each instrument is supported by dedicated and highly skilled personnel. They are available in all phases of an imaging project; planning, performing, troubleshooting and analysis. 

Sample preparation

We provide sample preparation and access to equipment and chemicals for carrying out paraffin embedding and EM sample preparation for TEM and SEM. For fluorescence and confocal microscopy, we have a variety of 2. antibodies, fluorescent dyes, cover slips, and embedding media in stock.

Use of instruments & equipment

Through our booking page users can book our full range of instruments around the clock. Users who have been properly trained can at any time book and use the needed instrument, but working outside regular working hours arrangements for access keys need to made.

Courses & Training

MIC gives various courses throughout the year, covering most of our modalities. We also provide individual training for new users on all intruments, and training on specific techniques upon request. To become an independent user training by MIC personnel is mandatory.

Assisted use at the instrumentation

For researchers who do not have the skills or time to carry out preparation, imaging or analysis, we offer assistance by our highly skilled technical staff charged by the hour.