Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

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  • Instrument 1: Vevo® 2100 Imaging System

Room: Room 3021, 3. floor Vivarium.

Responsible contact person: Ingeborg Brønstad

Ultrasound imaging offer both high temporal and spatial resolution. With a high resolution small animal scanner you can visualize anatomical structures and hemodynamic functions longitudinally and non-invasively in live animals. The Vevo 2100 provides high-resolution imaging down to 30 microns and the ability to export derived statistical data for analysis. Together with the usual ultrasound applications found on scanners for use on humans the scanner comes with a dedicated small animal handling platform for stabilisation and monitoring of animals during examination. Visualsonics also offer suggested examination protocols with the equipement.


Model: Vevo® 2100 Imaging System 230 V (for more info: Visualsonics)

Click here for currently available options for the Vevo 2100

  • Instrument 2: Verasonics Vantage 256TM

Room: Room 7235, 7th Floor, Lab building (can be moved for convenience)

The Verasonics Vantage 256TM is a programable ultrasound system that allows complete control over all transmit parameters with real-time access to all RF data during image acquisition. The system is designed for developing novel ultrasound imaging algorithms for biomedical and non-destructive evaluation. The system is capable of imaging up to 100 000 fps.

Acoustic emission and receiveparameters are all programmed through a familiar MATLAB scripted interface.


Model: Vantage 256  (for more info: Verasonics)

256 Rx/Tx channels

Equipped with the extended transmit package in the standard frequency range of 0.5 – 20 MHz.


Two Universal transducer adapors: Dual 260 (Cannon ITT/ZIF) connector (UTA-260-D) and GE connector designed to work with all GE transducers with a -D extension.

A Verasonics L12-3v ultrasound transducer is supplied with a system.

Basic scripts for imaging are provided, but for optimal use extensive experience in ultrasound imaging algorithms and MATLAB programming is highly recommend.