Molecular Imaging Center


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Payware at MIC

Licenced software that users at MIC have free access to.


  • Imaris  - 3D and 4D interactive real-rime image visualisation software delivers the necessary functionality for visualisation, segmentation and interpretation of 3D and 4D microscopy datasets.
  • Leica LASX - designed for the handling and processing *.lif images from Leica. A lite version can be freely downloaded, a dongle for full version can be borrowed at MIC.
  • IncuCyte -  image analysis software for IncuCyte data. Come by MIC and get the software for installation on your own computer.
  • InterView Fusion - Mediso PET/CT image analysis software for DICOM images.
  • PMOD - image analysis software for DICOM images, typically from MRI and PET.
  • NordicICE - image analysis software for DICOM images from MRI.
  • Matlab - is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.