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Tuberculosis research in Ethiopia

This research team works on methods to improve case finding, and improve access to diagnosis and treatment for rural populations.


Currently three PhD students and two experienced Ethiopian researchers work on this project:

1. Endrias Markos works to improve new tools to find tuberculosis cases in rural Sidama in Ethiopia. He also studies the potential effect of inn-door air pollution on tuberculosis occurrence

2. Mesay Hailu worked on a project to how tuberculosis occurrence varies from year to year, and to describe the geographical variations in the occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis. He defended his thesis in 2016.

3. Shallo Daba worked on a project to look at the geographical distribution of tuberculosis in the Arsi area of south-central Ethiopia, and to measure tuberculosis prevalence and multidrug resistance pattern. He defended his thesis in 2017.

Two formerly PhD students at CIH (Dr Meaza Demissie, PhD 2002; and Daniel Gemechu, PhD 2011) also work on this project, and serve as co-supervisors for the PhD students.

For more info, see http://bernt.b.uib.no/my-research-areas/tuberculosis/