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Cell biology

Cellular distribution of target proteins, the effect of potential pharmacological molecule and the up-take of enzyme bound to nanoparticles are studied using imaging and proteomics techniques in cellular models.



The lab counts with a number of relevant cell lines in which we can perform gene transfection, gene silencing by siRNA, nanoparticle up-take and drug related studies. The cell culture facilities are equipped with state of the art instruments such as xCELLigence that allow us to analyze real time cell viability after drug treatment.

For efficient western blotting, the lab counts with pre-casted PAGE systems which are combined with fast semi-dry blotting instruments and an array of more than 30 specific antibodies for target proteins enabling us to perform a wide variety of studies.

We also have access to the Molecular Imaging Center, equipped with powerful confocal microscopes to perform fixed-sample as well as life imaging of cellular protein distribution, nanoparticle up-take and liposome-protein interaction.