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Marius Engh: The living are governed by the dead

On January 12th a new art project was unveiled in the lobby of the HF building. The key word is "fragmented." Humanities researchers work with fragments of various kinds: texts, artifacts and linguistic phenomena. These fragments get new life and a new history through scientific concepts and methods. They become a part of life in our own time.

Marius Engh. The living are governed by the dead. Fra montering av...
Marius Engh. The living are governed by the dead. Fra montering av kunstverket i HF-bygget.
Alf E. Andresen


This is the case with Marius Engh’s reliefs. The fragments originate from the Pergamon altar in Berlin, which has a long and motley history. See the discussion of the Pergamon altar in the column "News". Those who want to know what the artist himself feels about the art project, can pick up the pamphlet he has written and placed on the stone plate in the lobby. Marius Engh is one of our established artists, with a studio in Berlin. See http://www.standardoslo.no/en/artist/marius_engh. Responsible producer is Public Art – KORO, which is in charge of the art management of public rental buildings and older public buildings. See www.koro.no/en.

Text: Siri Meyer