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Benches in honor of the intellectuals of Bergen

Det nyttige Selskab (lit. "The Serviceable Society") was founded in 1774. Over the years, the Society has given a number of gifts to the University of Bergen. In March 2012, six new benches were unveiled in the square outside the HF building.

Alf E. Andresen


The benches are made of natural stone from Rosendal, and designed by landscape architect Vibeke Weglo of Weglo Design. Weglo Design have also developed the square on commission from the Department of Estate and Facilities Management (EIA). At the request of Det nyttige Selskab, the benches have been named after famous men and women in the city's intellectual history. These are: 

  • Dorothe Engelbretsdatter
  • Lyder Sagen
  • Jens Boalth
  • Ferdinand Anton de Fine
  • Reinholt Jacob Klagenberg
  • Friderich Foswinckel