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Full CCBIO Research School course activity this fall

No less than 3 new CCBIO research school courses will start up this fall, and the Junior Scientist Symposia also have news to share.

SGroup of photos from the CCBIO labs
CCBIO905 course.
Ingvild Melien and CCBIO


Methods in Cancer Biomarker Research


The CCBIO905 course covers theoretical and practical aspects of molecular cancer biomarkers and how these can be studied in patient samples and material from various types of experimental models.

The course will focus on methods to study tissue samples, blood samples, urine samples and other biologic materials, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, PCR-techniques and sequencing, Western blot and ELISA, microarray methods, proteomics, circulating tumor cells and DNA, flow cytometry, bioinformatics and biobanks. Changes in nucleic acids and proteins in different settings will be covered. There will also be demonstrations of selected methods with active participation.

Date: 22.-24. September. Register before 14. September. Register per e-mail to solveig.witso@uib.no 

Read more here.


Biomarkers and Tumor Biology in Clinical Practice


CCBIO904 covers tumorbiological aspects important for the understanding of  why cancer develops and which mechanisms are important for tumor growth, metastases and morbidity in patients.

We will especially focus on tumor biological alterations that are of importance for personalized therapies as well as clinical cancer research. Our goal is to illustrate how basic cancer research and knowledge about tumor biology have substantial impact on patients outcomes and lives.

Date: Nov. 4-6.  Register per e-mail to solveig.witso@uib.no.

See preliminary program here.


The CCBIO seminar and symposium course


The CCBIO902 course is based on the CCBIO seminars and the annual CCBIO symposium at Solstrand Hotel. Here, renowned international and national scientists are invited to talk about and discuss their work related to cancer biology or cancer biomarkers.

This course is provided to train PhD students in listening to, interpreting and reflecting over scientific presentations, and to train PhD students in scientific writing. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your work or a topic of interest with leading researchers within their field.

Date: The course is based on the CCBIO seminars and the annual CCBIO symposium at Solstrand Hotel, so that will be the course dates. See program here.  Previous attendance at the CCBIO seminars and annual symposium will also count. Register to the course program per e-mail to solveig.witso@uib.no 


News from the CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium organizers


Elisabeth Wik informs that her co-organizer of the Junior Scientist Symposia (CCBIO901) from this term on will be Agnete Engelsen from Jim Lorens’ group.

The organizers of the Junior Scientist Symposium are furthermore enthusiastic to announce that although the main part of the Symposium program will still consist of PhD students and postdoc presentations, new to this autumns seminar series is that a Senior Scientist will be invited to give an inspirational lecture to the younger scientists,  with a particular emphasis on sharing experience from the many different and undercomm-unicated aspects that make up a research career.

First up is PI Bjørn Tore Gjertsen who will share a glimpse of his journey from being a hardworking PhD student to a successful group leader. Read more here.

UiB students register to the course program per e-mail to solveig.witso@uib.no