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NMR teaching resources on the Web


  • The wxProdOp program is used in the KJEM306 course to perform manipulations of product operators for simple spin systems and a variety of important pulse sequences. The wxProdOp program is freely available, and can be installed on Windows PC, Linux box, and even on Mac OS X: Link 1. Link 2.
  • PJNMR. Simple simulator. It requires registration for free download.
  • SPINEVOLUTION. Advanced simulator program for solid- and liquid state NMR. Still awaiting the promised free educational version, tough...
  • SIMPSON. Advanced simulator program for solid state NMR.
  • PNMR. Advanced simulator program for solid state NMR.
  • INSENSITIVE. Very intuitive simulator! Mac-only, and for iPhone, iPad, IPod.
  • Spinach. Very advanced NMR simulator. It requires MatLab.
  • GAMMA. Powerful simulator, but it requires a tiny bit of C++ programming!

Recommended books