Imagining and experiencing the 'refugee crisis' (IMEX)


Imagining and experiencing the 'refugee crisis' (IMEX)

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The IMEX-project has investigated both the experiences of the recent Syrian diaspora in Europe and of the majority population in Norway. We have drawn on panel data, qualitative interviews, and fieldwork in local communities to investigate zones of negotiation and meeting points between the majority and the minority in the wake of the 'refugee crisis'. Read about what we did in the work packages (WPs) here:

WP1: Syrians in Norway

WP2: Public opinion and local reactions

Download our final report for a summary of the findings here.


A Promise of Inclusion: On the Social Imaginary of Organised Encounters between Locals and Refugees

Professor Susanne Bygnes and researcher Mette Strømsø with a new open access publication in Journal of Intercultural Studies. Click here to read the article.

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Local responses to hostility to new asylum seeker centres in Norway

Researcher Mette Strømsø and Professor Susanne Bygnes with an open access publication in International Migration. Click to read the article.

Final report
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What have we learned from the refugee crisis? Main findings from the project "Imagining and Experiencing the refugee crisis" (IMEX)

Download our final report to read a summary of the most central findings from the project.


Activism Across Time and Place: A Study of Syrians’ activist trajectories in Berlin and Oslo

PhD-fellow at the Department of Sociology Amany Selim presents the work from her PhD project about the activist trajectories of Syrians living in Berlin and Oslo. Watch the film about her research here.

Policy brief
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Neighbourhood experiences after the refugee crisis

IMEX has studied neighbourhood experiences in local communities where asylum centers were established during the refugee crisis. Download our policy brief to read about it.