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Rune Jansen Hagen

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Besides being a professor at the Department of Economics, I'm one of the editors of Samfunnsøkonomen, the journal of the Norwegian Economic Association. I'm also currently on the organising committee for the annual meeting of the association (Forskermøtet). Furthermore, I'm an associate member of the research group The Politics of Nordic Generosity at the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo (SUM). 

Broadly speaking, my research interests cover the following fields

  • Development economics
  • International economics
  • Political economy

Of course, I'm happy to combine these topics. The bulk of my actual research has been on foreign aid and other financial flows to developing countries. I usually label myself an applied theorist. This implies that I'm interested in analysing how the world actually works given what we currently know, which hopefully contributes to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying the empirical observations that constituted the starting point. However, I've also done empirical work on e.g. aid dispersion and have projects in the pipeline where both theoretical and empirical methods will be applied.

I'm the head of the steering committee for the bachelor programme in political economy, which is a joint programme run by the Department of Economics and the Department of Administration and Organization Science. I've most often taught political economy at the bachelor level and development economics at the master level. 



I like to contribute to the public debate through both traditional and social media. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @rjhagen.

Recent newspaper items:

Recent roundtables

Recent podcasts

Spring 2020: ECON225 Politisk økonomi - økonomiske perspektiver

Spring 2020: POLECON250 Bacheloroppgave i politisk økonomi

Autumn 2020: ECON315 Utviklingsøkonomi II

Selected international publications:

  • Losing Concentration? Lessons from a Swedish Aid Policy Reform, Development Policy Review, 36, O984-O1003 (2018).
  • Help not needed? Optimal Quotas for Expatriate NGO Workers (with Ami Glazer and Jørn Rattsø), Review of International Economics 26, 302–321 (2018).
  • Aid Dispersion: Measurement in Principle and Practice (with Cathrin Fløgstad), World Development, 97, 232-250 (2017).
  • Rents and the Political Economy of Development Aid, chapter 15 in R.D. Congleton and A.L. Hillman (eds), Companion to Political Economy of Rent Seeking, Edward Elgar, 2015.
  • “Dancing to the Donors’ Tune? Policy-Choice in Aid-Dependent Countries,”  Scandinavian Journal of Economics 117(1), 126-163 (2015).
  • "Do Non-Enforceable Contracts matter? Evidence from an International Lab Experiment." Review of Income and Wealth 60(1), 100-113 (2014) (with Alexander Cappelen, Erik Ø. Sørensen, and Bertil Tungodden).
  • "Certified or Branded? A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the IMF's Policy Support Instrument." Review of International Organizations 7 (2012): 203-230.
  • "Basic Analytics of Multilateral Lending and Surveillance." Journal of International Economics 79 (2009):126-136.
  • "Buying Influence. Aid Fungibility in a Strategic Perspective." Review of Development Economics 10(2): 267-284 (2006).
  • “Samaritan Agents? On the Strategic Delegation of Aid Policy.” Journal of Development Economics 79(1): 249-263 (2006).

Recent publications in Norwegian:

  • Budsjettvinneren bistand, Samfunnsøkonomen, 132 (5), 27-33 (2018).
  • Beretningen om et varslet mord: Om skjebnen til regjeringens politikk for geografisk konsentrasjon av bistanden, Samfunnsøkonomen, 131 (4), 6-11 (2017).
  • Vil regjeringen klare å konsentrere seg i bistandspolitikken? Lærdommer fra Sverige. Samfunnsøkonomen, 130 (5), 41-53 (2016).



  • Ph.D. Economics, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)

Teaching experience

  • Courses in political economy, bachelor and master level, NHH and UoB
  • Courses in development economics, bachelor and master level, UoB
  • Course in institutions and economics, master level, UoB
  • Course in international macroeconomics, bachelor level, UoB
  • Introductory microeconomics, UoB

Project experience

  • Participated in numerous externally financed projects, including some as project leader, mostly on topics within development economics

Recent projects:

  • Aid Fragmentation, Donor Coordination, and Selectivity, project for the Expert Group for Evaluation and Analysis of Swedish International Aid (output: Concentration Difficulties? An Analysis of Swedish Aid Proliferation, EBA-report 2015:03)

Work in progress:

  • Gatekeeper? The IMF, Aid Flows, and Policymaking in Low Income Countries, paper presented at Development Economics and Policy 2017, University of Gøttingen.