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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

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The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions is the European Commission’s Research fellowship programme that supports researchers at all stages of their careers, irrespective of nationality. The MSCA are part of the 'Excellence' Pillar within Horizon Europe. It is a completely bottom-up scheme, with no pre-defined priority areas. Researchers working across all disciplines from Archaeology to Zoology, and sub disciplines from life-saving healthcare to 'blue-sky' science, are eligible for funding. The MSCA also support industrial doctorates, combining academic research study with work in companies, and other innovative training that enhances employability and career development.

The MSCA have an emphasis on international and inter-sectoral mobility, and also have a strong focus on careers and skills development for researchers. Some of the schemes within the MSCA are aimed at individual researchers; others are aimed at institutions.

In addition to generous research funding, scientists have the possibility to gain experience abroad and in the private and non-academic sectors, and to complete their training with competences or disciplines useful for their careers. More information about various funding schemes and requirements for applying is available below.

There are four main strands of funding:

In addition, the MSCA provides funding to support diplaced researchers from the Ukraine through the MSCA4Ukraine initiative. The next call is expected to open in May/June 2024 on the webpage for Scolars at risk: MSCA for Ukraine. Preliminary information for applicants are available on the call website.

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