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JUSS – CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

Welcome to the first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium of the fall term 2021!

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Dear all

We are happy to welcome you to the digital CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium September 16th 2021. In the keynote lecture, Hege Avsnes Dale and Hans Olav Rolfsnes at the Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) will present imaging options for cells, tissues and small animals. Ambitious junior researchers will share exciting findings about the SCHAD fatty acid oxidation enzyme in insulin secretion, the metastatic potential of systemic glioblastoma stem cell lines in vivo, and targeting AXL in the context of chemo- and immunotherapy responses.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking!

Where: Zoom meeting, so you can join from anywhere! Link will be sent to the registered participants. Open to all interested.

When: September 16, 2021, 09:00-12:30

Hosts: Symposium chairs are Cornelia Schuster and Maria Lie Lotsberg.

Registration: on this link.


09.00-09.15: Introduction

09.15-10.00: Keynote lecture: "The Molecular Imaging Center – your local one-stop-shop for imaging cells, tissue and small animals." Hege Avsnes Dale and Hans Olav Rolfsnes

10.00-10.15: Break

10.15-10.40: "The SCHAD fatty acid oxidation enzyme in insulin secretion: Functional analyses of rare variants in human populations and a new murine model of congenital hyperinsulinism of infancy." Kelly Marcela Velasco Pinto

10.40-11.05: "Metastatic potential of systemic glioblastoma stem cell lines in vivo." Stephanie Gisela Schwab

11.05-11.30: Break

11.30-11.55: "AXL inhibition enhances Type 1 interferon (IFN) response and potentiates chemo-immunotherapy." Sushil Dhakal

11.55-12.20: "AXL targeting in the tumor immune microenvironment: translational insights from clinical trials." Austin Rayford

12.20-12.30: Concluding remarks