NORPART funding to CISMAC partners


CISMAC partners and longstanding collaborators University of Zambia and the University of Bergen have been granted funding through the Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation (NORPART). The funded project will focus on health systems and health care implementation. 

The health workforce crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa represents a major obstacle in optimizing system potentials, and increasing capacities, quality and leadership through higher education and research are set as an urgent priority. The overall objective is to strengthen the quality of higher education and research in the partner institutions through mutual collaboration and student mobility in pedagogical development and research. Main specific objectives include to:

  1. Enhance pedagogical and institutional capacity for better quality at Master and PhD levels through exchange of students/staff
  2. Increase the research capacity in epidemiology, implementation science, and health service delivery
  3. Set up transfer system of innovative mobility based knowledge sharing to create a sustainable platform for knowledge creation through partnership.

Activities will have a particular focus on equity and quality of reproductive health care delivery of young women and community-oriented approaches in prevention and care. Core educational activities will relate to the 2- year Master in Epidemiology as well as to start a joint three year PhD programme in Public Health with focus on Implementation Science and closely linked to CISMAC.

Researchers involved in the project:

Ingvild Sandøy
Charles Michelo
Astrid Blystad
Gershom Chongwe
Knut Fylkesnes
Choolwe Jacobs
Mpundu Makasa
Karen Marie Moland
Patrick Musonda

Photo credit: Taran Grønvik