Bergen Research Group for Innovation, Growth, Health and Technology (BRIGHT)

The Human Light Lab

The Human Light Lab aims to untangle the acute and long-term effects of different light modalities on human mental health, circadian rhythm, cognition and emotions. The research portfolio includes experiments in the light lab facilities in Christiesgate 12, Bergen, Norway, as well as randomized controlled trials with a clinical applicability in both institutions and homes.

Standard  and enhanced lighting in nursing homes
Photos provided by Glamox, reprinted with permission.


The Human Light Lab was founded by Elisabeth Flo-Groeneboom in 2019 to gather PhD students and senior researchers who investigates the acute and long-term effects of light on healthy adults and clinical populations. The Human Light Lab currently involves two major projects, the "DEM.LIGHT trial" and the "ENLIGHT project".

These two research projects have both attained external funding and funding from the University og Bergen, to support the following PhD canditates and postdocs: Gunnhild Hjetland, Eirin Kolberg, Louise Bjerrum, Eirunn Thun, and Endre Visted. The poject's stearing groups include the following members: Inger Hilde Nordhus, Lin Sørensen, Ståle Pallesen, and Elisabeth Flo-Groeneboom.