Dynamic Presentation Generator


This project startet in 1999 as a collaborative project at the University of Bergen between Department of Informatics and the Centre for Continuing Education. Its goals are to offer web-based courses for students who do not have the opportunity to attend campus lectures. 

Dynamic Presentation Generator (DPG) is the primary software for this project. It is a generic Content Management System which is used for building web pages dynamically and managing their content. It has been used as a learning management system for some distant learning courses at the Department of Informatics.

Khalid A. Mughal and Torill Hamre presented the concept of presentation patterns in the article Presentation Patterns: Composing Web-based Presentations. This concept describes how content can be separated from the presentation, promoting reuseability. This concept is implemented in DPG and provides the foundation of how DPG works.

More than 20 master's thesis and several reports have been completed in this project.

In 2013 DPG was made into an open source project, and is hosted by Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jafu-dpg/. Here you can find the source code, a wiki and an issue tracker, amongst other information.


Associate Prof. Khalid A. Mughal

Associate Prof. II Torill Hamre