Sosial innflytelse på ungdoms atferd og helse

Doktorgradsavhandlinger fra SIPA


Leif E. Aarø: Health behaviour and socioeconomic status. A survey among the adult population in Norway



Bente Wold: Lifestyles and physical activity. A theoretical and empirical analysis of socialization among children and adolescents



Frode Thuen: Accident-related behaviour among children and young adolescents: Prediction and prevention



Norman Anderssen: Physical activity of young people in a health perspective: Stability, change, and social influences



Oddrun Samdal: The school environment as a risk or resource for students' health-related behaviours and subjective well-being

Christine Friestad: Social psychological approaches to smoking



Siren Haugland: School related stress, physical activity, and health complaints in adolescence



Ingrid Holsen: Depressed mood from adolescence to "emerging adulthood". Course and longitudinal influences of body image and parent-adolescent relationship



Torbjørn Torsheim: Student role strain and subjective health complaints: Individual, contextual, and longitudinal perspectives



Anette Christine Iversen: Social differences in health behavior: the motivational role of perceived control and coping

Nora Wiium: Intrapersonal factors, family and school norms: combined and interactive influence on adolescent smoking behaviour

Torill M. B. Larsen: Evaluating principals' and teachers' implementation of Second Step. A case study of four Norwegian primary school



Jørn Hetland: The nature of subjective health complaints in adolescence: Dimensionality, stability and psychosocial predictors



Ellen Haug: Multilevel correlates of physical activity in the school setting

Lise Kjønniksen: The association between adolescent experiences of physical activity and leisure-time physical activity in adulthood. A 10-year longitudinal study



Hege Tjomsland: Health promotion with teachers. Evaluations of the Norwegian Network of Health Promotion Schools: Quantiative and qualitative analyses of predisposing, reinforcing and enabling conditions related to teacher participation and program sustainability



Anne Grete Danielsen: Perceived psychosocial support, students' self-reported academic initiative and perceived life satisfaction

Asle Holthe: Evaluating the implementation of the Norwegian guidelines for healthy school meals: A case study involving three secondary schools

Nina Grieg Viig: Tilrettelegging for læreres deltakelse i helsefremmende arbeid. En kvalitativ og kvantitativ analyse av sammenhengen mellom organisatoriske forhold og læreres deltakelse i utvikling og implementering av Europeisk Nettverk av Helsefremmende Skoler i Norge



Ole Melkevik: Screen-based sedentary behaviors: pastimes for the poor, inactive and overweight?



Jens Skogen: Foetal and early origins of old age health. Linkage between birth records and the old age cohort of the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK).

Ingrid Leversen: Adolescents’ leisure activity participation and their life satisfaction: The role of demographic characteristics and psychological processes.



Ann Kristin Knudsen: Long-term sickness absence and disability pension award as consequences of common mental disorders. Epidemiological studies using a population-based health survey and official ill health registries.

Elin Aasen: From paternalism to patient participation? The older patients undergoing hemodialysis, their next of kin and the nurses: a discursive perspective on perception of patient participation in dialysis units.

Marianne Birkeland: Development of global self-esteem: The transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Øystein Mortensen: The transistion to parenthood – couple relationships put to the test.



Tore Tjora: Smoking from adolescence through adulthood: the role of family, friends, depression and socioeconomic status. Predictors of smoking from age 13 to 30 in the “The Norwegian Longitudinal Health Behaviour Study” (NLHB).



May A. Hauken: The cancer treatment was only half the work!” – A mixed-method study of rehabilitation of young adult cancer survivors.