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Open Lecture @ BSRS 2017

On Science and Ethics – Rotten Apples or Corrupted Quality?

This lecture traverses scientific practice from serious cheating to unintentional flaws in quality.

Rotten apples


Carl Walter Matthias Kaiser
Director of Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, University of Bergen

Surveys indicate that ethical problems in science are much more common than many people were willing to admit. We can observe that issues of integrity of science and research ethics are more and more melting into each other in current science policy debates. We can also observe that awareness of these issues is till very limited, and discussions on a broad basis are needed. This lecture is intended to inspire such discussions.

Professor Kaiser's areas of expertise include: philosophy of science (Dr.phil.), ethics of science, and technology assessment. His areas of competence include social studies of science and technology, history of science, ethics, logic, and history of philosophy. His topics of interest include but are not restricted to: risk, the precautionary principle, uncertainty & complexity, aquaculture, food ethics, governance, value studies, integrity in science, energy, public participation, gm-organisms. 

The lecture is part of the Bergen Summer Research School and is open to the public.